Ben Franklin knew we would screw ourselves.

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Today, we have a federal government that is too large to sustain itself.  It needs to borrow money to offset the difference in its costs.  On top of that, it has found that it can also print money.  Now, as the debt ceiling grows ever closer, those in positions of power have decided that we need to fix this problem by borrowing more, printing more, and raising taxes.  It’s a sure fire system to bring more damage to our already weak economy.

The question is:  how did we get in this mess?

Politicians have learned that in order to get votes, they simply need to give people things.  They start programs to do the things that charities already do.  They start programs to “spread the wealth.”  They’ve found that if they take money from the richest 10% of Americans, and give it to the other 90%, they can lose one vote and pick up 9 more (theoretically speaking).

Americans have learned to put people in charge, like President Obama, who will start Obamacare, and half a dozen other programs, without worrying about the costs.  They believe that they can always borrow more money, print more money, and, when need be, raise taxes (on those who can “afford it”) to accommodate.

To eliminate these programs is to “harm the people that the programs help.”  Never mind that the programs are destroying our economy, inevitably harming everyone.

The problem is simply that we have voted for bigger governments, which promise to give us more.  Benjamin Franklin saw this as a potential problem.  He counted on the people to stand up and do what’s right, when need be.  Otherwise, it would bring about the end of this great republic.

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