World Public Opinion Org Uninformed. Not Fox News Viewers

Leftists are constantly claiming that science proves Conservatives are stupid or deranged and that has been their attack line since Eisenhower. Stupid or Crazy. The 2 Bush’s for example: Bush Senior was the crazy and his vice president Dan Quayle was the Stupid and W. Bush was the Stupid, with his vice president Dick Cheney being the Crazy. It’s a decades old smear that keeps presenting itself in various forms.

This time it’s another attempt to discredit Fox News as a legitimate news source and shame it’s viewers with a “they’re all dummies” smear. An organization called World Public Opinion claims their study shows that Fox News viewers are the most uninformed, when a look at the data and their actual findings really only shows that World Public Opinion is ignorant about significant facts.

The unscientific methods used and the flimsy basis used to arrive at right answers, show this study to be a joke.

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