Why the Left is pushing Racism victimization propaganda

The media’s fixation on the Trayvon Martin case, while ignoring much more brutal crimes with clearer racial motivations, is a return to pre-O.J. America. Ann Coulter explains in a column that ends with:

So if you’re confused by the blanket coverage of the Trayvon Martin case — attracting even the attention of the president of the United States! — while far more common and more vicious black-on-white murders are ignored, try to understand that liberals are frightened by change. They are desperately clinging to a world that never existed.

Their fantasy of an America bristling with racists allows them to portray any criticism of our massively incompetent and dangerous president as just another sad episode of oh-so-typical white racism. They have to protect Obama, so the rest of us have to get Mugged.

Dennis Prager has background on the ideology at work here:

With regard to race, the Left’s portrayal of America consists of the following postulates:

The United States is a racist country — meaning, specifically, white hostility to blacks.

The reason black males make up a highly disproportionate percentage of the prison population is not that black males commit a highly disproportionate percentage of violent crime, but that the American justice system is racist.

All whites in America have the immeasurable advantage of “white privilege.” This is taught to students in most American universities.

When non-blacks score higher than blacks on academic or civil-service exams, the exams are racist.

Conservative opposition to Barack Obama is due in large measure to racism.

None of the above is true. But truth is less important to the Left than advancing these postulates. Therefore, the Left uses every opportunity to depict an event as evidence of white racism.

Oprah Winfrey said that in her mind, the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till are the “same thing.”

Glenn Beck responded the next day with “a thorough overview of both cases”, saying Winfrey’s comments are a “slap in the face to the memory of Emmett Till and anyone who suffered during segregation and the Civil Rights era.” I read what he had to say and scrubbed the video below in search for something Looney-Tunes and all Glenn Becky like I keep hearing but seldom witness from him and found nothing unsolid in this case.



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