Who Wants to See a FemeNazi Exposed?!

First off, a big howdy do to Richard (the technical genius behind this site, and many others – just follow the links to the right) for his first posts here at intorightfield.com. Now Richard, if you would please stop making me look so bad with your multiple posts in a week.

Never mind, it’s cool, guess this just means I need to up my game. So here it goes. . .

In a continuation to Richard’s previous post, the frantic hyper-protests regarding the Tebow family Super Bowl ad not only undermines the FemeNazis, it gives us an inside peak at just how these “people” think. First, and most telling was the fact that none of them had even seen the ad before they were suddenly outraged. All they heard was that Focus on the Family was the sponsor of the ad. Right there in the name was the thing that got these women’s blood boiling – how, in this age of a “Constitutional Right” to abortion can we subject poor, defenseless women to the notion of a family?! No! It should be Focus on Your Selfish Desires and Wants. That way, women won’t get their small, little minds confused by someone telling them that it’s okay to have a family. They should have come out and said that Mrs. Tebow CHOSE to have her son, she CHOSE to forgo furthering her career, that she CHOSE the ball and chain and degradation that come with motherhood.  If the ad had simply said those things, the FemeNazi’s non-existent panties wouldn’t have gotten in such a bunch.
The thing is, from the women I know who have had abortions, one of their first regrets is NOT HAVING THE BABY. They feel horrible for killing a living thing, just because it “wasn’t the right time for them.” (Mind you, these were left-wing liberal chicks that were expressing these feelings). What the FemeNazis forget to tell people is that abortion IS a choice. Just because you got pregnant and aren’t married, or are single, or haven’t quite had the career you’d expected doesn’t mean that you HAVE to get an abortion.  But, that’s what the FemeNazis would have most women believe.   To them, pregnancy is an outdated, remnant of evolution – kind of like the tailbone or your appendix or the muscles in your ears.  According to the FemeNazi, in this modern age, women should not get pregnant unless everything in their life is absolutely perfect. However, life is never perfect, and thus, according to the FemeNazi point of view, no one should ever get pregnant. (I mean, pregnancy’s TOTALLY sexist – how come women have to be subjected to the horrors of pregnancy, while men only have to deal with the hormone changes, mood swings, seeing their partner swell up to mythic proportions, then the excruciating pain of subjecting themselves to witness one of the most disgusting things in the world?)
Second, these FemeNazis claim that they are working for women’s rights.  The problem is, women have already made major strides in the world for equal rights: teaching styles in elementary schools are being redesigned to allow for girls to learn better, to the disadvantage of the boys in the class; for the last decade, women have attended college in higher numbers than men; moreover, in the unfortunate case of some poor career woman getting pregnant, she is already protected from being fired for it (regardless of how long she has worked at the company), gets to take like 6 months off for maternity leave, gets free day-care for her children, etc.  Meanwhile, the new father rarely gets the same treatment. Who cares if he only slept 3 hours over the last 4 days, as long as his work product doesn’t suffer, he can tough it out.   Moreover, we constantly hear arguments that these supposed “pro-choice” groups are only trying to guarantee “access” to abortion.  Now, I’ve read Roe v. Wade, and I’m pretty sure, despite whatever screwed up Constitutional reasoning was used, there was never a mention of a Constitutional guarantee of access to abortion, only that a state can’t prohibit abortion.  There is a very big difference between “guaranteed access to” and an “inability to prohibit” abortion.  But that doesn’t stop these women.  They are on a never-ending quest to kill babies.

As Richard pointed out earlier, Planned Parenthood, not the type I usually agree with, actually made a good point.  The ad didn’t come out and say “Abortion is wrong!” or something along those lines.   The ad only said that Mrs. Tebow was simply glad that she made the choice to have her child, despite all the difficulties that they faced during the pregnancy.  Basically, all the ad said was, “Ladies, you have a choice.   Look, my pregnancy was really hard.  But, I’m still glad that I went through with it.  Maybe you’ll feel the same way, especially if you won’t have as hard of a pregnancy as I did.”  The ad reminded women that they do have a choice, and that things don’t need to be perfect for them to bring a life into this world.  But, apparently these FemeNazis have a thing against women being able to exercise free will. . .

And that’s enough on abortion for me for a bit.


P.S.  Maybe Mrs. Tebow shouldn’t be so proud of bringing that tool Tim Tebow into the world.   (Just look at his face in the ad when he gets up from “tackling” his mom).   I mean, a choice between spawning Tim Tebow and an abortion . . . ?  I can say I wouldn’t totally blame her.

UPDATE – Well, despite their days of fuming over the possibility of the Tebows’ ad being a pro-life, anti-abortion, propaganda rag, the National Organization for Women (NOW) is now claiming that the real issue isn’t abortion, or the right to choose, or the right to access, or any of that other crap.   What it really boils down to is domestic violence against women.

That’s right, the ad in which Tim Tebow (the crybaby quarterback) “tackles” his mother (in no way that actually hurts her, from which she immediately pops back up and immediately scolds him) is all about beating women.  I can just picture the group of angry FemeNazis sitting around the NOW office, trying to brainstorm up something to justify their anger.  (“Well, it’s got a MAN in it!!! It has to be evil!  Umm, maybe it’s about the glass ceiling?”)  Too bad they didn’t go after the Dodge Charger commercial, in which men withstand everything the women in our lives throw at us (including those stupid vampire TV shows), just so we can drive a . . . NEW CHARGER! That’s right guys. We put up with all that crap just so we can drive a crappy, wannabe, 4-door “muscle-car.”  I mean, how dare those men say that they deserve something for putting up with proud, independent, modern women…


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