Where is Breitbart?

I read some limp-wristed comment from a “conservative leader” today. Something that was the rhetorical equivalent of “Ow. You’re mean. Don’t hurt me. Meanie.”

My fingers type with rage.

Where is the firebrand? Where is the Breitbart? Where is the lightning rod to attract liberal attacks and draw them away from candidates we need to win?

Everyone seems to be sitting with their asses on the bench saying “aww gee whiz…elections are hard” and “that Obama sure is mean…”.

In the ‘mean’-time, everyone also seems to have forgotten Obama & Co’s policy: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

And guns they have brought.

Every news story, every culture issue, every protest, every rift, every astroturf, they’ve brought guns (literally in the case of Fast & Furious) and we’ve brought plastic picnic knives.
Hell, they haven’t found a way to make Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise’s divorce into a political story yet, but they will damned well try.

And if not, then it serves the purpose of all non-political stories: a distraction. A mental vacation for the general populace, just long enough until the next “political” story comes out.
They figure the American public can only handle 2 or 3 watercooler stories at once, minus one if sports are included.
Therefore, no need to overload them, just keep one story at the surface, one story near the surface. Take frequent breaks for celebrity gossip to clear their feeble minds, then re-overload with useless political controversies until their minds become moldable, pliable, and impressionable.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

Remember folks: your minds are not silly-putty.
They are advanced computers capable of innumerable levels of processing. Put your weapon to work.
Concerning weapons: Breitbart was a submachine gun armed with projectile bayonets.

Let’s not tar his memory by being water pistols.


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