What Would George Washington Do?

I’ve noticed that, in time, the government has grown larger, the taxes are more numerous, and our freedoms have been minimized. Sure, it’s easy to accept these facts, since we’re all born into them, and have grown accustomed to them. From the moment you’re able to talk and understand what others are saying, you’re told that the government protects you, taxes are necessary, and anything illegal is wrong. Whatever you’re born into, you simply accept. As the government grows, you might feel inclined to fight it, but once it’s done, it’s over. You pay the new taxes, and pace through your house, steaming mad, and then you get over it and go on with life. It’s fear that the government uses, when it wants your freedoms. The constitution is meant to protect your liberty from the government, but if you’re afraid and turn to the government to protect you, you’re more likely to be willing to give up your constitutional rights.

So, if the people are content with life, who’s left to care? I decided to amuse myself, a bit. I decided to put the legends of America’s past into the present day USA. What would Benjamin “The First American” Franklin think about all the different areas the Federal Government has its hands in? How would Thomas Jefferson feel about the property tax (a system where you have to continuously pay the government for the property you own, meaning that you don’t own it at all, and are just renting it)? What would George Washington do, if he saw a Federal Government stripping the people of their constitutional rights?

Can anyone say “Second American Revolution?”

In this series, which i will post a new article of at the end of each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will explore the current issues of the United States, and compare our current status to that of the days of our forefathers.  Then, together, we will ask questions like “What would George Washington do?” (WWGWD)

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