What is the problem with Romneycare, again?

In the 2007 primary election, Mitt Romney was the most conservative candidate (after Fred Thompson who failed to gain traction) endorsed by the conservative base. In 2011, however, Romney’s conservatism was labeled as not to be trusted. The biggest issue was the healthcare reform Romney oversaw as Governor in Massachusetts (prior to his crowning as “the conservatives conservative” in 2007) sharing the most critical and loathed aspect of Obamacare: the individual mandate to purchase health insurance.

The question however is: So what?

True, conservatives in Massachusetts (all 200 of them) may not appreciate the mandate to buy insurance in their state but under the constitution, a state can enact such a law – and then change or repeal it if they don’t like it. Obamacare is a national, unconstitutional mandate with dozens of more provisions that vastly differentiates with what Romney or the stat legislature did in Massachusetts and once it starts, it won’t be able to be repealed.

The state of Massachusetts was set to enact health care reform no matter who the Governor was. Since that Governor was Mitt Romney, a conservative, he helped pull the legislation to the right in every way possible. He worked with the conservative Heritage Foundation to craft the rules and details of how to deal with people who didn’t have health insurance and the cost to the state. He fought against some things and even vetoed some measures that unfortunately the state legislature, which was over 80% liberal democrat, overrode his vetoes but he still fought and fought hard. Overall, Romneycare was popular when it was signed and remains popular today.

So remind me again what anyone outside of Massachusetts is problem with Romneycare?

You think that because he worked with a state that wanted something by an overwhelming majority and convinced them to make it far more conservative than originally planned, that this will make him more likely do the opposite for the country as president? The reasoning makes no sense.

Mitt Romney has always been opposed to a national mandate, since the 1990s when he ran for senate against Ted Kennedy and has promised over a dozen times to repeal Obamacare, calling it’s national mandate unconstitutional. Conservatives need to stop buying into the Obama talking point that Romneycare = Obamacare. The claim has no merit and the Massachusetts mandate says nothing negative of Romney.

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