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So, yesterday there was an announcement from a governmental committee telling women to ignore the advice that’s been standard for years now.  Now, the government advises women to get a breast exam once every two years once they turn 50.  It used to be that women were told to get a yearly breast exam once they turned 40.  The government committee explained away their findings by saying that this will save more money and prevent needless biopsies, etc.  Meanwhile, the American Cancer Society has put out statements saying that they do not agree with the government’s suggestion and are going to stick by the old recommendations.  Now, you guys know I’m not going to need to worry about breast cancer and don’t have much of a background in science, so we’re not going to talk about the actual findings.  Instead, why was the government involved in this anyway?

The government has not even passed the health care “reform” bill, why does it care about efficiency and costs associated with breast screening?  Currently, health insurance companies cover yearly breast exams for women over 40.  If the insurance companies feel like it’s an acceptable cost to cover these bills, who is the government to come in and say what would work better?  Especially a government that makes up fake congressional districts on recovery.org to cover just where stimulus money is going (and no, it wasn’t just a state here or a state there – EVERY SINGLE STATE contained fictitious districts and amounts “spent” there).  What’s funny is everything that people who support capitalism (as opposed to those who support socialism/health care reform) were saying about the results of the “public option” was just brought out by the spokesman for the ACS – namely that the government will kill women with these recommendations.  But, let’s look into that a little bit more.

First, one of the most pressing issues that this recommendation is that insurance agencies may now not pay for breast exams for women that don’t fall into the 50+ age group or even for a yearly exam.  Now, I’m not an expert on cancer, but I’m pretty sure that there are cases of breast cancer that are like other types, namely, that the cancer will kill you quickly if not treated.  Now, the window of danger for women has been doubled.  I thought that once the government was put in charge of healthcare, things would be better for everybody.  Once the big, mean, old insurance companies were forced to think about people and not money because the government would be competing with them, everyone would be happy and smiling.  But, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Moreover, remember the whole “death panel” argument, you know, the one that liberals use to make fun of supporters of capitalism, insinuating that we actually believe there will be a group of people deciding which single people would live and which would live.  That’s not what we were saying – it won’t be one person at a time, entire groups will just be cut out.  It will all start because of costs and efficiencies, then it will be shortages, and once the government starts something, it never stops it.  It is kind of telling that there would be a committee in this administration already going against what accepted medical knowledge in the name of cutting costs – it’s the bureaucracy stomping on the little person.

Now, what’s even worse is that we have bureaucrats disagreeing with doctors on what the “best” treatment method would be for patients.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather listen to the person who went to medical school and spent years interning when it comes to my health.  If I wanted to know how to do a total of fifteen minutes of work over an 7 hour shift (can’t count lunch, even though they get paid for it), I would ask the bureaucrat.  The ACS makes its suggestions based on what the doctors believe would save the most lives.  Remember, the government made its decision based on what would save the most money.  Which side sounds like it really “cares about people”?

Okay, time for me to put my paranoid, conspiracy theory hat on for a second.  Does the timing of this announcement seem kind of fishy to anyone else.  The health care reform bill is looking to stall in the Senate (thanks to Lieberman of all people) so desperate action is needed to keep the socialism rolling.  What better way to do that than to have some governmental committee come up with some announcement to contradict accepted medical knowledge.  Now, just leave it to the “big, mean” insurance companies to follow whichever recommendation saves them money (in this case by cutting coverage for groups not covered by the government’s new recommendation). Now, all of these people are unable to get their breast exams and run to the government, which has just changed its mind as to breast exams.  Suddenly, hundreds of thousands of people are stuck at the teat of the state.  All with the government looking squeaky clean.

Who would have thought my first post on health care reform would be about breast exams and not mandatory jail terms for noncompliance or other such things?  I guess I still want to try that “I’m a doctor and I can give you a free breast exam” line at the bar.  Come to think of it, when the government cuts coverage for them because it can’t afford them anymore, I guess I could be a back alley breast exam performer…


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  1. Todd Ellington says:

    Man this reminds me so much of Boomsday! Once the government establishes these standards insurance companies will probably fall in line with them because they tend to base everything on what the government recommends/covers.

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