Democrat Double Standard on Weiner and Clinton

Michael Medved asks why should a member of Congress be held to a higher standard than the president of the United States?

By every conceivable standard, the president’s behavior during the Monica mess involved more serious legal and ethical breaches than the recent misdeeds of Weinergate. Consider:

No one has yet specified violations of the law in Mad Anthony’s “tweeting heart” messages to transcontinental strangers. Clinton committed perjury in federal grand jury proceedings, surrendering his law license because of it. Moreover, Clinton’s legal background—he served as attorney general of Arkansas—should impose a higher, not lower, standard of behavior than that applied to Weiner, who is not a member of the bar. Weiner maintained his public lies about phone calls and Twitter accounts for a week; Clinton maintained his televised lies about the Monica Lewinsky lewdness for months.

Clinton incontestably used taxpayer-funded resources for his sexual adventures, engaging in workplace assignations with Ms. Lewinsky in an anteroom adjacent to the Oval Office while placing more than 50 calls to her, some of them international, using his presidential phone line. Weiner insists that his electronic indulgences never, or only rarely, made use of government equipment, as he relied on his personal BlackBerry and home computer.

And the list only gets worse from there.

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