‘We are all Andrew Breitbart’ can’t simply be a feel-good phrase [VIDEO]

“We may have lost a general, but the war goes on,” says author Brad Thor. It’s nothing we haven’t heard since the death of Andrew Breitbart, but the reminder is entirely necessary. We not only *are* Andrew Breitbart, we *must* be Andrew Breitbart.

He ends this short reminder by recalling a video of Andrews where he notes that he wont take the abuse from the left without a fight. “F#ck You….War” is not a battle call because it contains the “F” word or is provocative. This isnt “Buck Fush” hate-venting but rather the response to it. Breitbart is accepting the assaults in the declaration of war from the left with this remark and so must we all.

Shortly after Breitbarts death, the “We are all Breitbart” meme spread as a consolation and rallying cry, but it must be put into practice to have weight. Remember that the original Breitbart is gone, not to bum yourself out, but to remember that the vacated space needs you to fill it, not just say it.


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