Too Stupid to be President?

While our Great and Glorious Leader makes more gaffes than a former Vice Presidential candidate (not the one with the love child scandal. Democrats don’t count), the latter still gets the constant detraction of being too stupid to be elected to an office she is not running for while the former sits in that office. Make a gaffe as a Democrat and you were just having a bad day. Make a gaffe or something that could possibly in different context could be taken as a gaffe and you are an astonishing idiot that the country should desperately fear.

UPDATE: On the heels of the “Republicans are Stupid” trope being flung at this election cycles Palin, Michelle Bachmann: A response to her being asked by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday if she is a “flake”:

We have yet to hear any serious coverage from the national media of Obama’s hundreds of gaffes while in the White House, just as we heard little of his “57 or 58 states” remark and other gaffes on the campaign trail, such as the six-month string that produced these doozies:

Did any of the national media ask Barack Obama in the summer of 2008 if he was a “flake”?


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