CNN doesn’t believe the premise in its own “This Is An Apple” ad

CNN, known affectionately to its critics since the 1990s as “The Clinton News Network” has since then not disappointed in regards to maintaining that title. In the era of Trump this has especially been the case as the network obsesses over Russia conspiracies and any passing opportunity to paint the President in the worst possible light. Perhaps in response to the push-back against this editorial slant that has frequently led to the network being labeled “fake news”, CNN released this strange ad using fruit to symbolize objective reality and the networks claim to reporting it…

The obvious response to the ad is of course the Leftist stance that CNN has editorially endorsed that is completely opposite than the one taken in the video when it comes to sex and gender, which is that science does not dictate reality – feelings do. Which is to say that an apple can become a banana merely by deciding such and if you fail to call “banana” on that which your senses and scientific results prove to be an apple then you are a bigot.

The National Rifle Association took a shot at the ad and one of the networks hosts with this parody.

The ad also made the network a prime target for Banana/Apple musings by on-air CNN talent such as this tweet below by former Hillary Clinton spokesman and current CNN contributor Brian Fallon who mocked the Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia by tweeting a picture of those dumb white nationalists holding their tiki torches and labeling it a “live look” at his campaign strategy meeting. Get it?? Because he stated he would preserve American heritage and not continue the statue-teardown trend, and so in classic Leftist rules – if you don’t go along with the new rule they just made up, you are a racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe. Harr harr. This of course begs the question tweeted by a Washington Free Beacon reporter, “is this tweet from your employee an apple or a banana? Please advise”.

Whether something is an Apple or other fruit is often determined by CNN via President Trump saying it.

This is of course because CNN editorially takes an anti-Trump slant to its reporting, and for good reason considering a source that is guilty of making a typo can’t be trusted.

That’s why CNN holds this President accountable.



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