The trouble with John Garver, Rick Santorum’s Nephew

Who is John Garver? An author? A pundit? A Student as University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown? Certainly if his profession/accomplishments total to the last of that list, he must have genius insight to merit a featured article in the Daily Caller about why voters should choose Ron Paul over Rick Santorum, yes?

Not quite. John Garver is Rick Santorums nephew. In his short article at the Daily Caller he offers no insight into his uncle. No breaking news or personal anecdotes we otherwise were not privy to. The article reads like someone who has only ever heard Santorum on TV and is posting a note on Facebook about him.

The only reason this blog post was published anywhere and linked anywhere was because of this guys relation to the person he isn’t voting for and it’s a low class move to use ones relation to someone as the only reason anyone will listen to you speak negatively about them.

If you want another big-government politician who supports the status quo to run our country, you should vote for my uncle, Rick Santorum. America is based on a strong belief in individual liberty. My uncle’s interventionist policies, both domestic and foreign, stem from his irrational fear of freedom not working.

It is not the government’s job to dictate to individuals how they must live. The Constitution was designed to protect individual liberty. My Uncle Rick cannot fathom a society in which people cooperate and work with each other freely. When Republicans were spending so much money under President Bush, my uncle was right there along with them as a senator. The reason we have so much debt is not only because of Democrats, but also because of big-spending Republicans like my Uncle Rick.

It is because of this inability of status quo politicians to recognize the importance of our individual liberties that I have been drawn to Ron Paul. Unlike my uncle, he does not believe that the American people are incapable of forming decisions. He believes that an individual is more powerful than any group (a notion our founding fathers also believed in).

Another important reason I support Ron Paul is his position on foreign policy. He is the only candidate willing to bring our troops home, not only from the Middle East, but from around the world.

Ron Paul seems to be the only candidate trying to win the election for a reason other than simply winning the election.

This year, I’ll vote for an honest change in our government. I’ll vote for real hope. I’ll vote for a real leader. This year, I will vote for Ron Paul.


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