The Terminator Government

Government is good as long as it obeys the people and stays within the limits the people established in their constitution. The problems arise when the government gets too powerful and develops a mind of its own, becoming sentient… like THE TERMINATOR. Then it defies the will of the people and will stop at nothing to increase its own power.

That’s what we saw with Obamacare. The people did not want it (and continue to not want it). And that’s the reason conservatives are concerned with Obama.

And it’s also why conservatives have nothing to fear from Mitt Romney. His health care plan was definitely the will of the people in Massachusetts. And if it hadn’t been their will, he wouldn’t have done it. And that is one more critical difference between state and federal programs, which Romney has explained. At the state level, the people are always in control. A state can’t get powerful enough to become a terminator because it always has to compete with 49 other states. That built-in safety valve is why the founders focused so much on states’ rights. So the claim that Romneycare is the same as Obamacare fails on the most fundamental level.

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