The Daily Show’s “Passion and Intrigue on The Five”

Because Conservatives can take a joke, they are thoroughly enjoying The Daily Show’s dramatic one act play in tribute to the Fox News show The Five.

The Daily Show doesn’t hit humorously highlight accurate information or legitimate and logical points nearly as much as it’s viewers who use it as an actual news source think it does, but the imbalance of the Five is correct. The 5 panelists are indeed 4 Conservatives and 1 liberal. I don’t really understand the point they’re trying to make about Bob Beckel being a “Fox News Liberal” though. He’s not a fake Democrat. The casual nature of the show, as the segment is a display of, brings a lot of off the cuff comments from all the panelists. Singling out Beckel and relating it to his Democrat affiliation as if to say he is not a legitimate left-of-center pundit because of some non-political banter is nonsense.

The segment mocks the pretentiousness of liberal arts one-person play style performances while highlighting out of context clips from the show. It’s fun and funny.

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