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The myth of the “Tea Party” take-ver in Eric Cantors primary loss

No organized Tea Party groups were particularly vocal in their support of the man who beat Eric Cantor in his primary race, yet the leftist headlines can’t stop sirening the alarms of the “Tea Party” looming clouds. Surprise: In fact, however, the tea party had nothing to do with Brat’s victory. Only the small, local tea […]


Occupy Violence vs Tea Party Peace

Elitist Occupy Wall Street protestors view their law breaking disruptive protests as far superior to the peaceful tidy Tea Party. The Left seems to think Obama is good at public policy and has devised a way of protesting Obama without protesting Obama and in fact still politically supporting him. A direct protest of Obama’s policies […]

Occupy Wall Street: At least as racist as the Tea Party

The Occupy Wall Street protestors have met the enemy and it is they. President Obama recently held a fundraiser at the House of Blues in California. But the Rockstar-in-Chief was met with furious liberal protesters. Does that mean they are racist? What makes a liberal protest any different than the Tea Party? Alfonzo Rachel investigates […]

Herman Cain is not offended by the sad short-sightedness of Morgan Freemans hate

Hotair posted this video with the headline Video: Guy who you’ve loved in every role he’s ever played hates your guts The video and following comes from Newsbusters: Is that what it shows, or does it show that people – not just those in the Tea Party – have lost faith in this President? Obama’s […]

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Conservatives admit that they want to teabag the Democrats

After being mocked by left wing critics as “teabaggers” (the act of putting ones testicles on the face of another) for months, one filmmaker within the Tea Party protesters who are for reducing the size of government control and cutting taxes, is accepting and owning the term. Michael Rostor reacts Yeah, OK, it’s a little […]


“Coffee Party” created to oppose/not-oppose [wink] Tea Party

News media sources sympathetic to liberal causes (redundancy made on purpose) have been profiling a new liberal movement masquerading as a non-partisan, non-ideological movement against the Tea Party protests called the “Coffee Party”. The link to the NY Times puff piece makes no mention of ideology within the group of course, because the whole point […]