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Liberal Internet Tax Passes Liberal Senate

The Democrat controlled Senate passed an online sales tax. Are you happy? The US Senate passed an online sales tax in a vote this afternoon after a heated final round of debate. A small group of anti-tax Republicans, as well as Democratic Senators from states without sales tax like Montana and Oregon, argued vociferously against […]


Romney didn’t pay his taxes?

Details, details…


Democrats Hypocrisy on Big Business illustrated by Facebook Friendliness

Charles Gasparino on the “Warm fuzzy vultures” (ie: the “evil corporations” that don’t get labeled as such because they are Democrat friendly): A company with a questionable business model employs an army of lobbyists, flacks and Wall Street bankers to hype shares of an initial public offering. The company’s billionaire CEO and other fat-cat insiders […]


Romney on Spending and Debt

Romney: How I’ll tackle spending, debt. There are three ways to reduce spending, which combined, will achieve a fiscal turnaround of this size. First, eliminate every government program that is not absolutely essential. There are many things government does that we may like but that we do not need. The test should be this: “Is […]


New Obama $1.5 Trillion Tax Hike Proposal

via Free Republic: President Barack Obama will ask the Super Committee to double its mandate and cut $3 trillion from the federal deficit, according to White House officials, with half of the savings coming from tax increases on corporations the wealthy. Republicans have already rejected a central component of the plan — the so-called “Buffett Rule,” […]


What Would George Washington Do?

I’ve noticed that, in time, the government has grown larger, the taxes are more numerous, and our freedoms have been minimized. Sure, it’s easy to accept these facts, since we’re all born into them, and have grown accustomed to them. From the moment you’re able to talk and understand what others are saying, you’re told […]

Don’t confuse “Bailout” with “Stimulus”

Treasury Secretary (and tax cheat slash hypocrite) Timothy Geithner tackles five myths about TARP and for the most part he’s right. TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program signed by Bush in 2008 to save the banks has not been the disaster that many on the right and left claimed. Michael Medved notes why as he […]


Taxes Choke Growth

Jonah Goldberg raises the following questions of leftist logic while asking how much taxation is enough? Personally, I have never understood liberalism’s blind spot for liberty when it comes to taxation. A 24-hour waiting period before a teenager can have an abortion is an allegedly grotesque violation of individual freedom, but a federal government that […]