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Quick Rundown of the GOP’s “Pledge to America”

Major news today: House Republicans released their “Pledge to America,” a 21-page document full of policies the Republicans, ahem, pledge to pursue if elected into power November 2.  Real quick, here’s a quick breakdown of their plans: PLAN TO END THE UNCERTAINTY AND CREATE INCENTIVES FOR JOB GROWTH Permanently stop all job-killing tax hikes. Create […]

Ray Bradbury’s Turning 90, Hates Big Government, and Other Ruminations

So, it’s the start of another school year.  After taking a bit of a “sabbatical” as we’ll call it, I’m back and raring to go.  So that means I’m dusting the cobwebs of my good ole laptop and Microsoft Word and hitting the blogosphere again, the long lost prodigal son has returned!  But, unlike the […]

Monopolies are bad. Government ones are worse.

Competition promotes innovation and results in higher quality and lower costs. Government-run schools are a tragic example, by contrast, of why monopolies generate bad results. This video uses the example of school choice to explain why competition is a better approach. The fact that Virginia’s government controls alcohol sales is shockingly true, but not for […]