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Why Cantor lost–and details on his replacement

In an unprecedented loss, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia was unseated by Dave Brat, a professor of economics and ethics at Randolph-Macon College. For the first time since 1899, a sitting House Majority Leader lost an election. The victory was stunning to Cantor’s own campaign, who had him handily winning 62/28 against […]

Palins Newspaper Answer to Couric was not a Gaffe

A mostly interesting article wondering about what might have happened if Palin ran for president in 2012, contains this line: She’s also more disciplined than Santorum. Although we’ll probably be talking about them into the next century, Palin’s only two serious public gaffes in 2008 happened when she was unable to name a newspaper and […]

Sarah Palins Alleged one-night stand from the 80s is now news for some reason

Deadspin blog + National Enquirer + stalker-Palin book = this stupid post. Classy Reporting from Perez Hilton, some celebrity tabloid blogger, the Washington Post: The oddest story? How bout the nothing-est story? ‎2 failed VP nominee’s in the past 2 elections: 1 ran for president the cycle after their loss, had a baby with the […]


Too Stupid to be President?

While our Great and Glorious Leader makes more gaffes than a former Vice Presidential candidate (not the one with the love child scandal. Democrats don’t count), the latter still gets the constant detraction of being too stupid to be elected to an office she is not running for while the former sits in that office. […]