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DNC Rams ‘God’ and Jerusalem Back into Platform – Delegates at convention Boo, Hiss, Jeer

Andrew McCarthy describes the fiasco: The smarter Alinskyites among them realized that taking God and Jerusalem out of the platform was a blunder, so they ordered them put back in. Under the rules (ahem), that required a two-thirds’ vote of the delegates. When the vote was publicly taken, it became embarrassingly clear not only that […]


Latest Bachmann Scare-Smear: She’s a Christian (and that’s bad, remember?)

Did you know that Michelle Bachman predicted that the world would end in 2006? That’s probably because she didn’t. But Marie Diamond at the leftist blog ThinkProgress thinks this vague allusion to the Rapture that Bachmann said in 2006 is as “jarring” as her belief that it is important to spread her religion. BACHMANN: Lord, […]