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Why the Left is pushing Racism victimization propaganda

The media’s fixation on the Trayvon Martin case, while ignoring much more brutal crimes with clearer racial motivations, is a return to pre-O.J. America. Ann Coulter explains in a column that ends with: So if you’re confused by the blanket coverage of the Trayvon Martin case — attracting even the attention of the president of the […]


MSNBC is Racist

One of my favorite things about MSNBC (“Lean FORWARD”) is their vertigo-inducing programming (since when did “forward” mean “left”?  their grasp of cardinal directions would make Sacagawea cringe). And at the mast of their “forward” ship is none other than Chris “THRILLER” Matthews, who moonlights as MJ coincidentally only while Obama speaks (SHAMONA). The sensitivity […]


Bill Maher calls Drudge Report racist, calls GOP “party of apes”

Before calling the GOP a “party of Apes” and using black congressman Allen West as his example, Bill Maher claimed that the Drudge Report is racist for including news and news photographs of black people. unfortunately for Maher, The Daily Caller took the time to actually look at each example and reveal that Maher’s presentation […]


Occupy Wall Street: At least as racist as the Tea Party

The Occupy Wall Street protestors have met the enemy and it is they. President Obama recently held a fundraiser at the House of Blues in California. But the Rockstar-in-Chief was met with furious liberal protesters. Does that mean they are racist? What makes a liberal protest any different than the Tea Party? Alfonzo Rachel investigates […]

Herman Cain is not offended by the sad short-sightedness of Morgan Freemans hate

Hotair posted this video with the headline Video: Guy who you’ve loved in every role he’s ever played hates your guts The video and following comes from Newsbusters: Is that what it shows, or does it show that people – not just those in the Tea Party – have lost faith in this President? Obama’s […]

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