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A One-Percenter debates OWS Protestors

Did you know that working for a Wal-Mart manufacturer is akin to being a rape victim? How about that a lot of people don’t want lower prices? Peter Schiff found out these gems and more when he went out to the Occupy Wall Street protest for three hours in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. Perhaps the most […]


An Exercise in Hypocrisy

Obama’s handling of the GZM and the 9/11 Quran Burning shed more light on our hypocrite-in-chief.

“Coffee Party” created to oppose/not-oppose [wink] Tea Party

News media sources sympathetic to liberal causes (redundancy made on purpose) have been profiling a new liberal movement masquerading as a non-partisan, non-ideological movement against the Tea Party protests called the “Coffee Party”. The link to the NY Times puff piece makes no mention of ideology within the group of course, because the whole point […]