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Individual Mandate ruling by Supreme Court favors GOP

If the individual mandate is struck down, we’ve got a president so crazy-untrustworthy that he used his political capital to force through something he did not campaign on, something the majority of congress and the public at large was against AND something that is unconstitutional. If the individual mandate is upheld, it will be through […]


Rick Santorum is responsible for Obamacare. Not Mitt Romney.

UPDATE: Originally posted in December 2011. Re-posted here after Governor Romney finally raised this exact point in the final GOP Primary Debate on CNN. Rick Santorum has been the hardest critic of Mitt Romney in the Republican primary debates over the subject of Romneycare in Massachusetts, saying that it is the same as Obamacare. However, Rick […]

The Terminator Government

Government is good as long as it obeys the people and stays within the limits the people established in their constitution. The problems arise when the government gets too powerful and develops a mind of its own, becoming sentient… like THE TERMINATOR. Then it defies the will of the people and will stop at nothing […]

President Obama Raised Taxes in first 2 Years

Fact checking site PolitiFact (which leans left-of-center and has previously towed the Administrations line on ObamaCare) notes that Barack Obama’s claim of “I didn’t raise taxes once” on Sunday, February 6th, 2011 in an interview on Super Bowl Sunday is of course false. That is, false in the sense in which he meant it. In […]