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Olbermann and Gore: Setting the “new tone”

In an age where calls for “civility” in language are demanded by the left, while such standards never policed on the left, it is fitting that Keith Olbermann exits the NBC family and finds himself on Al Gores CurrentTV network. Gore, evidently looking for someone to bring to his airwaves the same vitriol made in […]


Keith Olbermann lies about there being “no Ground Zero Mosque”

this video is a glittering jewel of collosal ignorance, disingenuous and intellectually dishonest argument and grandstanding retardedness. 1) “there is no training ground for terrorists” is a strawman fallacy. who has claimed that terrorist…s will be trained at this building? no one. Olbermann made up the false argument so he could strike it down. shameful. […]


Glenn Beck & Co laugh over Olbermann “special comment”

The leftist meme is, of course, to blame Fox News for getting Sherrod fired. This is of course a lie and a smear.