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Glenn Beck & Co laugh over Olbermann “special comment”

The leftist meme is, of course, to blame Fox News for getting Sherrod fired. This is of course a lie and a smear.

Glenn Beck warns not to take Obamas bait

Glenn Beck believes we are in a 2nd revolution and that the worst possible way to fight it would be through violence in any form whatsoever. Beck makes excellent points here noting that America doesn’t like hippies. They are complaining, whiny, tiresome, crazed radicals and thus are easily ignored, ridiculed and used as poster images […]

James Cameron: picking fights and losing

Oh James… Really? So many billions and you have to do things like this? carrying around a 3 year old joke said on cable television about “what some people might think” of you and take it seriously, harboring animosity against the joke teller in such hateful terms? Really? A day after Cameron called the Fox […]


Beck Malkin and Massa

When Glenn Beck announced that he was going to talk to Democrat Congressman Creepball Eric Massa on his Fox News show for an entire hour, fellow conservatives had a mixed reaction of “why waste your time?” and “why give this weirdo credibility?” and Beck took offense. Massa resigned after weird dude-on-dude allegations were made but […]


Lefty arguments against Beck prove that Limbaugh isn’t racist

Why don’t hippies ever have to follow their own rules is the only part of this fruckus that annoys me. When Glenn Beck said he thinks President Obama might have “a problem” with white people due to his patronage of a black nationalist church led by Reverend Wright and more recently his response that the […]