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The Daily Show’s “Passion and Intrigue on The Five”

Because Conservatives can take a joke, they are thoroughly enjoying The Daily Show’s dramatic one act play in tribute to the Fox News show The Five. The Daily Show doesn’t hit humorously highlight accurate information or legitimate and logical points nearly as much as it’s viewers who use it as an actual news source think […]

Jon Stewart Grills Kathleen Sebelius Over Obamacare

Fox Reacts to Stewarts failed attempt at getting Sebelius to answer why Big Business gets a special exemption under Obamacare that individuals do not.

Bill Clinton says MSNBC is liberal version of Fox News. Is wrong

Bill Clinton delivered an odd jab at MSNBC, essentially mocking it for being a leftist propaganda network by saying the imbalance made him laugh and compared it to the loathed Fox News Channel. Via Don Irvine of Accuracy in Media notes this part of an Esquire interview with Bill Clinton: I was just watching MSNBC, and they had a […]


Fox News critics looking for ways to take down Murdoch press over UK hack scandal

James Fallows in the Atlantic calls this video “The Most Incredible Thing Fox News Has Ever Done”: Or at least the most amazingly brazen I can think of at this moment. Via Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, the simply unbelievable Fox and Friends segment below. It’s about the News of the World hacking scandal. To the good: […]

World Public Opinion Org Uninformed. Not Fox News Viewers

Leftists are constantly claiming that science proves Conservatives are stupid or deranged and that has been their attack line since Eisenhower. Stupid or Crazy. The 2 Bush’s for example: Bush Senior was the crazy and his vice president Dan Quayle was the Stupid and W. Bush was the Stupid, with his vice president Dick Cheney […]


Beck Malkin and Massa

When Glenn Beck announced that he was going to talk to Democrat Congressman Creepball Eric Massa on his Fox News show for an entire hour, fellow conservatives had a mixed reaction of “why waste your time?” and “why give this weirdo credibility?” and Beck took offense. Massa resigned after weird dude-on-dude allegations were made but […]