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Clueless Liberals fall for Bachmann “Halloween Ban” hoax, voice their hate on Facebook

The tolerance and open mindedness of the Left is on display again as hundred blindly believe, spread and take time to opine on yet another claim they read on the Internetz. Michelle Bachmann is the target again, reprising her role in the dunk tank from last weeks hoax that gullible Liberals fell for, claiming Impeachment […]


Democrats Hypocrisy on Big Business illustrated by Facebook Friendliness

Charles Gasparino on the “Warm fuzzy vultures” (ie: the “evil corporations” that don’t get labeled as such because they are Democrat friendly): A company with a questionable business model employs an army of lobbyists, flacks and Wall Street bankers to hype shares of an initial public offering. The company’s billionaire CEO and other fat-cat insiders […]