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Fear the Boom and Bust

This has already been around the web for a bit (including over at Parcbench and NRO’s The Corner), but I figured I should go ahead and post it here:


What a Boob…

So, yesterday there was an announcement from a governmental committee telling women to ignore the advice that’s been standard for years now.  Now, the government advises women to get a breast exam once every two years once they turn 50.  It used to be that women were told to get a yearly breast exam once […]

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20 Years Later, We Still Haven’t Learned…

So, it’s been awhile, but thanks for sticking with me. Yesterday marked a major anniversary in world history.  Twenty years ago marked the beginning of the end of the Berlin Wall.  This event came to symbolize the collapse of the Evil Empire and was supposed to mark the end of the Soviet Union as a […]