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VIDEO: Prager on American values and Leftist tolerance

An American Apology – should a U.S. leader say he’s sorry? Syndicated Columnist, National Talk Show Host, and author of “Still The Best Hope”, Dennis Prager breaks down the differences between the two different political sides on this issue, and clearly states why this mindset is wrong on a number of levels. Especially interesting is […]


Prager describes the Leftist view of taxation

“Half your money is taken away because you have just been lucky. You’re a lottery winner. You didn’t work harder. You didn’t defer pleasure. You didn’t make sacrifices. You didn’t stay up at night while others were watching TV or going to parties. Nah, not at all. Its just your good luck. That’s how the […]


Dennis Prager on Barack Obama and the American Trinity

The Greatest Generation did not teach the baby boomers what Americanism is, and that is why Barack Obama is not the biggest issue in this election: Because it is leftism that is the problem, not the individual espousing it. America is losing sight of the “American Trinity”, according to Dennis Prager in this video from […]