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Where is Breitbart?

I read some limp-wristed comment from a “conservative leader” today. Something that was the rhetorical equivalent of “Ow. You’re mean. Don’t hurt me. Meanie.” My fingers type with rage. Where is the firebrand? Where is the Breitbart? Where is the lightning rod to attract liberal attacks and draw them away from candidates we need to […]


‘We are all Andrew Breitbart’ can’t simply be a feel-good phrase [VIDEO]

“We may have lost a general, but the war goes on,” says author Brad Thor. It’s nothing we haven’t heard since the death of Andrew Breitbart, but the reminder is entirely necessary. We not only *are* Andrew Breitbart, we *must* be Andrew Breitbart. He ends this short reminder by recalling a video of Andrews where […]


GOP congressional candidate doesn’t know who Breitbart is

Sub headline: Joe the plumber is running for congress in Ohio… Him and a guy named Steve Kraus are running to win the GOP nomination. Kraus botched an attack on Joe with the following on his website: The truth is John Stainbrook (Lucas County GOP chairman) encouraged Joe to run. John is no friend to […]

Andrew Breitbart at CPAC tells about his Bill Ayers dinner

“That’s how the left rolls”, Breitbart explains when describing the common hateful attacks levied against him from the side that claims to have “innate tolerance”. He demonstrated actual tolerance to Bill Ayers however. Listen to the story of how good the ribs, squash, fish and wine was at Bill Ayers’ dinner starting at 3 minutes […]