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Originally posted here. My daughter was born 2 1/2 years ago today. She was born at 23.5 weeks and weighed 15.5 oz. Here’s then and now.


Who Wants to See a FemeNazi Exposed?!

First off, a big howdy do to Richard (the technical genius behind this site, and many others – just follow the links to the right) for his first posts here at Now Richard, if you would please stop making me look so bad with your multiple posts in a week. Never mind, it’s cool, […]


How the FemeNazis were exposed with the Tebow ad

For two weeks, feminist groups have been shrieking over the affront to justice and good taste that was set to take place during the Superbowl. The obvious suspects – the cheerleaders, the commercials objectifying women (Godaddy and others) and general misogyny taking place around the sporting event – were all bypassed to instead shed light […]

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Devil’s Advocate

Stirring up controversy…