In this special edition of WWGWD I wish to address a problem with the current mindset of a great number of people.  It seems that, come election time, people narrow down, in their heads, which two people are the most likely to get elected.  They then choose to support the one that the lesser of the two evils.

I hear people say, often, “I agree with Suchnsuch, but he doesn’t have a chance, so I’m voting for blanketeeblank.”  It is difficult for me to listen to such things.  I am reminded of what things are truly important, and how easily someone can just let them go, simply because they might take a bit of effort to maintain.

“Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.” – George Washington

George Washington reminds us, in order for a smaller army to become successful, it needs discipline.  If you find yourself in a situation, fighting for liberty, and you begin to feel that it’s beginning to look hopeless, and you think you need to compromise your values so you don’t lose everything, maybe you just need to hold your ground and maintain the fight.

“It is better to be alone than in bad company.” – George Washington

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