Romney’s sound suggestion for President Obama

Since the election, Mitt Romney has stayed mostly silent.

And outside of a few sightings on planes and in restaurants, he’s stayed mostly invisible as well.

As a losing opponent, one is in an unusual position.

It must be extraordinarily tempting to say “well, I wouldn’t have done that” or “See? Look at the bad choice my opponent made”.

Mitt Romney isn’t like that–it’s just not his personality.

He’s gracious.


It was difficult to get him to speak anything non-positive or neutral about his opponent during the campaign itself, so you definitely can’t expect any commentary like that after the fact.

But at a recent fundraiser for Terri Lynn Land, running for Senate against Rep. Gary Peters in Michigan, Romney finally made some comments about President Obama–and that the President has one thing to do.

It’s time for him to apologize to America.

It’s a fascinating statement.

Romney doesn’t even directly criticize the President, he just states, very plainly, that President Obama should apologize.

Let’s be honest–we were sold a false bill of goods in 2008 and 2012. Republicans, independents, and Democrats alike–the American people expected something very different when they elected President Obama.

Since just the 2012 election, things have been disastrous. It seems like every week there’s something new, from ebola entering the US because travel restrictions from West Africa were never put in place, to the IRS targeting conservative groups and donors, to the rise of ISIS and sending troops back into Iraq. Every campaign promise has been broken, every assurance has been taken back, and the President can’t even properly staff an agency whose sole purpose is to protect him.

We could have had real leadership.

Instead we have a laundry list of problems and nobody standing up to fix them.


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