Reminder: Bush would have won the 2000 Election Recount

Some myths die hard:

George W. Bush still would have gotten more votes than Al Gore even if the U.S. Supreme Court hadn’t halted the manual recount in Florida, according to a comprehensive analysis of uncounted ballots.

In fact, Bush’s 537-vote margin of victory would have increased to 1,665 under the ballot-counting standards Gore’s supporters had advocated, according to a review conducted by The Miami Herald, its parent company Knight Ridder, and USA Today.

The analysis, which looked at 64,248 uncounted ballots in all 67 of Florida’s counties, has Republican Bush winning under most scenarios.

“This is very good news for Bush,” ABCNEWS political analyst George Stephanopoulos said on Good Morning America. “In almost all the scenarios, Bush wins.”

Stephanopoulos said that the study undercuts Democratic arguments that Republicans stole the election.


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