Olbermann and Gore: Setting the “new tone”

In an age where calls for “civility” in language are demanded by the left, while such standards never policed on the left, it is fitting that Keith Olbermann exits the NBC family and finds himself on Al Gores CurrentTV network. Gore, evidently looking for someone to bring to his airwaves the same vitriol made in speeches literally screaming against his ideological opponents or calling them Nazis, recruited Olbermann to host a new nightly show and be in charge of all news content.

The Hollywood Reporter said that in a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Olbermann described the show as “an improved, amplified and stronger version of the show that I just did at my previous network.” Leading HotAir to ask

What does “amplified and stronger” mean? Adding an F-bomb when he tells a Republican to “shut the hell up”? Instead of claiming that Fox News is worse for America than Al Qaeda, he’ll say it’s “a lot worse”?

According to THR, Current was the lowest-rated network in primetime for the fourth quarter of 2010; have a look at some of the clips Business Insider pulled together and you’ll see why. At least, though, this proves that Gore made a smart business decision in signing Olbermann. As for AOL and their own recent high-profile liberal pick-up, you tell me.


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