Oh Cap, Say it Ain’t So

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Apparently, good ole Captain America isn’t a fan of the Tea Party movement.  In a recent issue, Cap and fellow superhero The Falcon stumble across a protest in Idaho that Cap identifies as an “anti-tax thing.”  The Falcon, a black man, then replies that he probably wouldn’t be accepted there.  Drawings of the crowd included a sign that said “Tea bag the Libs before they tea bag you!” Now, the writer (a confessed liberal) has come out saying that he did not write the sign.  But what’s more telling is the fact that he has no qualms about the other things that he wrote or where the story took place.

It’s kind of disheartening to see that even Captain America has become fodder in the left-wing spin machine.  The writer tried to explain it away as similar to a left-wing protest depicted around the time of the 2008 election.  But a large gathering of people in 2008, chanting left-wing mush, could just as easily have been depicted as an enthusiastic crowd of support, rather than a protest.  (I personally don’t know about the prior depiction, I haven’t read a comic in 10 years – Richard, I know you have no life, did you catch that issue?).  Hell, January 20th of last year could have been described as one HUGE protest, except for the fact that they were cheering for Obama.   Why is it that when it’s a group of people resembling Tea Partiers it is automatically a protest?  Was the recent National Tea Party Convention a protest?  To me it seemed more like an exercise in mutual support and strategy, rather than the Tea Parties last Spring.  Sure, things were said against what the government has been doing, but it seemed more was said to inspire Tea Partiers across the nation instead.

And another thing, why did it have to be in Idaho?!  Is it just because those “crazy right-wingers” are only in fly-over-country?  If I seem to remember correctly, the biggest Tea Parties were in Atlanta, New York, and Chicago – hardly middle-America.  But, the author tried to explain everything away as just showing Cap and The Falcon what they were missing outside of their usual home – New York.  Exactly the Liberal thing to do – deny the existence of dissenters around you (or simply surround yourself with people who agree with you), then pin dissenting opinion onto those “uneducated, racist, yokels in the Midwest and South.”  That way, you can still feel intellectually and morally superior to those in the Tea Party.  Since “Hope” and “Change” haven’t quite worked out for the Democrats, maybe they should change their slogan to “Refuse to see evil.  Refuse to hear evil.  Refuse to speak evil.”  That fits with their true nature anyway.  Maybe if they did that, Captain America could get back to kicking some Nazi Commie Hippie Terrorist ass.

Cap doing what he does best

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