Occupy Violence vs Tea Party Peace

Elitist Occupy Wall Street protestors view their law breaking disruptive protests as far superior to the peaceful tidy Tea Party.

The Left seems to think Obama is good at public policy and has devised a way of protesting Obama without protesting Obama and in fact still politically supporting him. A direct protest of Obama’s policies that the left is unhappy with would make them feel silly when they inevitably went back to support and vote for him in the coming election year, but this way the target is not Obama but the private sector. “Blame the banks, not Obama [or any other Liberal politician]”.

Leftists came up with the talking point to smear the Tea Party protests as being “Astro-turf” rather than grass roots, but never came through with any evidence of such. Though, while there has been no evidence to support the smear that the grass roots Tea Party movement was in fact Corporate manufactured, Occupy Wall Street on the other hand has been posting ads on Craigslist for paid protestors) and indeed organizers had admitted to paying some protestors before then.

The Unions are certainly on board. And Occupy Wall Street has the support of Iran as well: “A revolution and a comprehensive movement against corruption in the U.S. is in the making. The last phase will be the collapse of the Western capitalist system.”

Occupy Wall Street is a protest of “corporate greed” and has no clear goal.
The Tea Party is a group protesting big government and immediately became an effort to elect Constitutionalists to positions in politics.

Paul Krugman (and other NY Times editorial board members) claims the Plutocracy is in a Panic even though the Occupy Wall Street protestors are mostly well behaved – certainly better behaved than those Tea Party brutes…

Spoiler Alert: Krugman is not even close to being accurate.

The Tea Party has proved to consistently be a peaceful gathering in its manifestations across the country that cooperates with police and local authorities and cleans up after themselves when they are done (See the pictures of the Tea Party rally aftermath to the filth left behind after Obama’s Inauguration).

The “Anarchists for big government” that are the Occupy Wall Street protests have consistently been disruptive gatherings in its manifestations across the country that defies the police and local authorities, creating a terrible mess in their wake.

Occupy Wall Street started assaulting the surrounding Police officers right away.

Commissioner Ray Kelly had some strong words for “Occupy Wall Street” protesters Thursday, blaming participants for starting skirmishes which led to more than 20 arrests on Wednesday.

“What they did is they counted. They actually had a countdown — 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 — they grouped together, they joined arms and they charged the police. They attacked the police. They wanted to get into Wall Street, they wanted to occupy Wall Street,” Kelly told reporters.

Police arrested 28 people Wednesday — mostly for disorderly conduct. There was at least one arrest for assaulting a police officer and police said one protester even knocked an officer off his scooter.

An Occupy Wall Street protestor was seen defecating on a police car:

On the opposite side of the country, another police car was being vandalized and two Occupy Portland supporters were arrested for spraying paint on a police vehicle and a downtown Portland business. The two missed their court date after the arrest. But the level of class doesn’t stop at threatening cops, of course.

Chanting “The whole world is watching!”, Occupy DC protesters tried to storm the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, pinning a guard against the wall and forcing the museum to close early.

“They were carrying signs and a lot of protest materials,” St. Thomas said in a statement. “You cannot bring that stuff into the museum under any circumstances.”

According to St. Thomas, the crowd tried to shove its way into the museum after being denied entry by security.

“One security guard was grabbed and pinned against the wall. He could not extract himself,” the spokesperson said. “Another security guard came over to help him and ended up pepper-spraying one person.”

The Tea Party rallies consisted of concerned grandparents and small business owners. The Occupy Wall Street protests brag about how they have warrants out for their arrest and sell pot and heroine to other mob members.

Occupy Boston hosted a rally for an accused terrorist.

The Tarek Mehanna Support Committee came to Occupy Boston’s ever-evolving tent city on the Rose Kennedy Greenway to say Mehanna, a Muslim American pharmacist, is a victim of anti-Muslim sentiment.

The U.S. government says Mehanna, 28, provided “material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization,” and acted as a “media wing” for al-Qaeda.

Occupy Boston hosted the pro-Mehanna rally, but, officially, the leaderless group doesn’t have a position on the case.

Have any Tea Party rallies featured accused terrorists?

Occupy DC protestors declared their desire for a confrontation with the police by announcing that they would overstay their permit on the protest grounds.

In Iowa, a group of Occupy Des Moines protestors refused to leave the state Capitol grounds which does not offer permits to camp overnight on and closes at 11 p.m. The confrontation resulted in the arrest of 30 adults and 2 juveniles with one adult needing a blast of pepper spray to get them to move.

There is no trend of the Tea Party behaving even 25% as deplorably as the Occupy Wall Street protestors. In fact, I found it nearly impossible to find any examples of Tea Party rudeness, let alone anything on par with the Occupy Wall Street disruptions, arrests, damages and rage.

When Eric Cantor raised concern over the Occupy mobs, Nancy Pelosi scoffed and brought up the Tea Party as being equally disruptive using the made-up event of a Tea Partier spitting at a congressman as her only example. No one spit on any congressman.

Unlike the Left who has tried to silence and deride the Tea Party Conservatives wish the Occupy Wall Street protests “long life and ample publicity” as they clarify the positions between the Left and Right.

Unlike the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street contains vocal anti-semitism:

Occupy Wall Street protests not only have nothing to do with the current Tea Party, but they have nothing in common with the original Tea Party either, which was decidedly peaceful and not a mob:

Sally Kohn, a self-identified “community organizer,” praised the Wall Street loiterers on CNN’s website, comparing the protest to the Boston Tea Party, which she claimed, “helped spark the American Revolution,” adding, “and yes, that protest ultimately turned very violent.”

First of all, the Boston Tea Party was nothing like tattooed, body–pierced, sunken-chested 19-year-olds getting in fights with the police for fun. Paul Revere’s nighttime raid was intended exclusively to protest a new British tea tax. (The Wall Street protesters would be more likely to fight for a new tax than against one.)

Revere made sure to replace a broken lock on one of the ships and severely punished a participant who stole some of the tea for his private use. Samuel Adams defended the raid by saying that all other methods of recourse — say, voting — were unavailable.

Our revolution — the only revolution that led to greater freedom since at least 1688 — was not the act of a mob.

As specific and limited as it was, however, even the Boston Tea Party was too mob-like to spark anything other than retaliatory British measures. Indeed, it set back the cause of American independence by dispiriting both American and British supporters, such as Edmund Burke.

George Washington disapproved of the destruction of the tea. Benjamin Franklin demanded that the India Tea Co. be reimbursed for it. Considered an embarrassment by many of our founding fathers, the Boston Tea Party was not celebrated for another 50 years.

It would be three long years after the Boston Tea Party when our founding fathers engaged in their truly revolutionary act: The signing of the Declaration of Independence.

In that document, our Christian forebears set forth in blindingly clear terms their complaints with British rule, their earlier attempts at resolution, and an appeal to the Supreme Judge of the world for independence from the crown.

The rebel armies defending that declaration were not a disorganized mob, chanting slogans for the press and defacing public property.

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