Obama on Race – Not Enough or Fast Enough for Some

The Congressional Black Caucus has expressed irritation that Obama hasn’t created programs “tailored specifically” to blacks.  Meanwhile other groups are saying that Obama has “failed to lead” on the issue of race.  Now, I’m not one to agree with Obama, ever.  But, as the “first post-racial” president, I’m glad to see that he isn’t simply handing down alms to blacks across the country.  Okay, I get it, he’s “black.”  I understand that a lot of blacks in the country felt that they would “finally” have the “upper-hand” if Obama won.  (An example is just how many times I was accosted in downtown Atlanta that “The President is BLACK, bitch!”)

But seriously?  As he says, he’s the president of the entire country, not just the “Black President.”  If he was white, and handed out programs “tailored specifically” to blacks, how would that look?  Moreover, how would it look if he was white and passing programs “tailored specifically” for white people?  Pretty racist I would think.  Even more outraging to me is the fact that these same “black leaders” claimed that if Obama was white, he would be trying to placate the black community by throwing programs/money/stuff their way.  Is that how they see the place of blacks in American politics?  As the prize cow to be wooed by the two parties?  Instead of appeasing to their values and ideals, whoever promises the most to blacks will be the one that secures their vote?  While this may be the way the Democrats have played politics since the 1960s (just look at the Great Society, one of the worst things to ever happen to the black community since slavery), I find it appalling that these leaders in the community have accepted this charade as the way of political life for blacks these days.  Rather than getting the black community involved in their communities and politics, these people are teaching them to simply hold out for the most handouts, which only further marginalizes them.

So, kudos to Obama for actually trying to pass laws for all of America, not just one specific race, to the detriment of the other races.  While I may not agree with anything you do, I do agree with the way you’ve chosen to do it.  (At least when it comes to race – except for that whole “Beer Summit” thing, that was just a dumbass move on your part).

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