College Students Attack Man’s ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat As ‘Hate Speech’

“You have to take the hat off” commands a female student at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada. ‘You’ve got to take the hat off or I’m going to write to the president of the university…’

The reason given was that the slogan “Make America Great Again” means [to her] “make America all for white people, no immigrants, no people of different sexual orientation”. This bigoted smear is of course supported by nothing in the Donald Trump platform which has no mention of “white people” or anything discriminatory towards any non-traditional sexual orientation whatsoever, and whose only comment on immigration is to curtail illegal immigration and vet immigration from terrorist supporting nations harder. The concept that “Make America Great Again” means to disallow immigration into the country is not only fabricated at the start, but also refuted by the fact that the candidate himself is married to an immigrant. Coincidently, the wearer of the hat in the video is also evidently married to an immigrant, further debunking the specious and bigoted smear that America can only be great without immigrants, which is not something the wearer of the hat or the Candidate the hat supports has ever said or implied. The student said that his marriage to an immigrant “doesn’t mean anything” because she could “have a brother who is gay and not support gay people”, forgetting evidently, that no one chooses their brothers but everyone in Wester civilization (not so in many Islamic countries) chooses their spouse.

The demand that he “HAD to take the hat off” was later revised to a request due to her safety issues, which is exactly the sort of hysterical hypochondria the wearer of the hat was baiting:

The snowflake who threatens to tattle to the president of the university admitted afterward that “He is allowed to wear the hat.” She simply asked him to take it off, she explained, because “a university should be a safe space.” A more committed left-wing campus fascist would claim he has no right to wear it because it’s “hate speech” and would want to see him punished and/or the hat confiscated — as it is at the very end of this clip, when a different student snatches it off his head. The Trumper isn’t an alt-righter either: He’s wearing their tribal symbol (well, that and Pepe) knowing, no doubt, that it will antagonize the progressives around him, which is in keeping with the alt-right’s trollishness. But he doesn’t say anything racist. His only so-called offense is the hat itself. Which, I guess, makes this more of a microcosm of the friction over Trump between the left and right generally. The right enjoys the frisson of political incorrectness in supporting him; the left can’t quite believe anyone could support Trump for non-menacing reasons.



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