Lefty arguments against Beck prove that Limbaugh isn’t racist

Why don’t hippies ever have to follow their own rules is the only part of this fruckus that annoys me. When Glenn Beck said he thinks President Obama might have “a problem” with white people due to his patronage of a black nationalist church led by Reverend Wright and more recently his response that the white police officer was to blame in an incident Obama admitted to not knowing the facts of the case yet – the left went nuts on him. Which is fine. jump on his balls. he said something controversial, then slap him around for it. that’s what you both do. But the big “Glenn Beck is obviously a crazy idiot making a completely baseless crazy charge” everywhere, including the Fox News morning show he said the comment on, was that Obama works with white people so DUH Glenn – you big stupidz – he can’t POSSIBLY be racist. Okay. I think both Glenn and that explanation are intertwined with some wobbly logic, but whatever. Have at it in the arena of ideas y’all… Limbaugh and the HutchExcept, where the hell did that logic go when Rush Limbaugh was approached by a group to join them in buying a small piece of the St Louis RAMS and was then kicked out of it because he was too controversial after reams of charges about him being a flaming racist were fired from leftists who hate his guts and thus, as leftists, want/need to destroy him in every way possible? Limbaughs 2nd in command on his show – the “Mr Snerdly” he’s always talking to and responding to from off-mic – is black, not that you’d ever know it until recently when Snerdly started doing a bit on air where he is the OOC (Official Obama Criticizer, since Rush isn’t “certified black enough” to do so. the bit consists of a monologue of criticism by Snerdly and then a translation for the hood in ebonics). Here is a special edition of OOC concerning the attacks over the RAMS bid:

Limbaughs show only hosts a guest once every 2 years or so with one exception: the (black) fishing buddy friend of Limbaughs (shown in the picture to the right) Ken Hutcherson, known as “The Hutch” who comes on the show at least once a year to talk football.

Rush’s most frequent fill-in guest host is Walter E. Williams. Another black guy.

So by the stated liberal logic that “Obama can’t possibly be racist despite his controversial history with race because DUH, he’s around white people all time, including on his staff” Rush Limbaugh can’t possibly be racist either. oops.


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