The Creepy Leftist Attempt to Conflate “Equality” with “Being the same”

The term “separate but equal” has an unfortunate past that has demonized an accurate use: Gender.

A cultural demand that leftism makes is to conflate the genders and their primary tactic is to use phrases of oppression to institute the change. This is how we got the phony “War on Women” in the 2012 presidential campaign and why opponents of re-defining marriage are smeared as “anti-equality” bigots with hate in their hearts.

In fact, those 2 examples have a history in their mutual pursuits to blur the lines between the sexes.

The dominant strain of feminism in the 60s wasnt about being “feminine” at all just as it wasnt about “equality” nearly to the degree that it was in denying basic differences (now know to be scientifically observable) in men and women. 60s feminism didnt merely say “you dont have to be a stay at home mom – you can be a CEO if you want to!” it actively and aggressively demonized traditional roles like homemaking and glamorized acting like men instead of just being legally treated like men. That is because the end goal wasn’t in being treated legally equal – it was to crush the very concept of gender roles.

The Marxist/Communist roots of modern Leftism share the desire for everyone to be the same AND equal, which is what the Leftist approach to gay rights is. “Equality” means that Person A is legally treated the same as Person B and that exists with marriage right now (I can legally marry the same person that anyone else can. That includes someone of the opposite gender over 18 that isn’t already married. Those rules apply to everyone equally. By definition it is non-discriminatory. That of course doesn’t mean it includes everyone though and that is the distinction that activists hide.

If someone else wants to marry someone under 18 or someone who is their same gender or someone who is already married – they have to get the state to change their local laws about obtaining certain licenses.

The leftist big-government approach skips that and goes straight to the top to redefine the word marriage – which is not necessary to enter into a contract with someone concerning property, taxes, hospital visitation, will, etc – precisely to erase distinction between the genders.

Essentially, they want to add girls to the Boy Scouts instead of make a Girl Scouts since crafts and badges arent what its about – its about making the term “Boy Scouts” refer to both boys and girls and thus make “equality” the same as being “the same”.

By claiming that genders cannot be treated “separate but equal” on the same moral grounds that racial minorities may not (an anti-science premise without merit as it claims that there are no constitutional differences between the genders just as there are no constitutional differences between the races), the Left continues to fight for their goal of sameness that is cloaked as a goal of “equality”.


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