Keith Olbermann lies about there being “no Ground Zero Mosque”

this video is a glittering jewel of collosal ignorance, disingenuous and intellectually dishonest argument and grandstanding retardedness.
1) “there is no training ground for terrorists” is a strawman fallacy. who has claimed that terrorist…s will be trained at this building? no one. Olbermann made up the false argument so he could strike it down. shameful.
2) “there is no insult to the victims of 9/11”. he never backs up this claim because he cant. how could you? the premise is ridiculous. intentions and motives arent what define an insult. “i didnt mean to insult you by calling your mom a whore. i was just saying she’s sexually promiscuous is all” does not change the objective effect of the statement.
3) “it is not a mosque, it is a community center” is dishonest and deceptive wordplay used to justify his earlier stated lie that there is to be no mosque at ground zero. Olbermann is not breaking a story that the White House, the AP, Reuters, The New York Times and others have all been misreporting. he is not disclosing new information that shows anyone was wrong about the mosque being built, he is simply lying. the $100 million community center contains several features, including a mosque. It is just as inaccurate and ridiculous to claim a swimming pool or restaurant is not being built because those things will actually be housed in a structure containing other amenities. “only the top 2 stories will be a mosque” means that no mosque is being built? that’s insane.
4) “muslims are at greater risk from terrorism than non-muslims” is 100% fiction. its bad enough that it rests on the crazy fallacy that one unsuccessful attempt against muslims shows that the united states is worse than the terrorists it seeks to fight against – but the complete disregard for even a semblance of truth here alone is enough to immediately distrust anything Olbermann ever said or has ever said. Attempts by Islamic fanatics have been thwarted all over the nation in the past 9 years and others, like the Fort Hood shooter, were sadly carried out. the number of actual murders and attempted murders by muslim fanatics vs non-muslim fanatics is massive.
5) “extremists who happen to be muslim” is more shameful lying to service the lie that is the premise of this “special comment”. all of the terrorist attempts within the united states perpetrated by muslims were done so in allegiance to an islamofascist ideology. none were coincidences that the terrorist just happened to be muslims. the exact opposite of what Olbermann said is true: the knucklehead who failed at bombing the islamic center in florida “just happened to be” whatever he was.

—-5 blaring lies in just the first 4 minutes of video….disgusting.

i stopped watching at that point. i came to the video with an open mind and Olbermann filled that opening with bullshit. i had to close the wound before it became infected.
Olbermann is entitled to his own opinion, but he’s not entitled to his own facts. 5 huge whoppers in just the setup to his argument is unacceptable practice in responsible opinion journalism and you shouyld not be endorsing such filth.


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