James Cameron: picking fights and losing

Oh James… Really? So many billions and you have to do things like this? carrying around a 3 year old joke said on cable television about “what some people might think” of you and take it seriously, harboring animosity against the joke teller in such hateful terms? Really?

A day after Cameron called the Fox News anchor a “f—ing a–hole,” Beck fired back at the filmmaker on his show Wednesday, saying the “anti-Christ” comment he leveled at Cameron on CNN three years ago was in jest.

Beck said this while wearing 3D glasses, of course.

“This guy is making a billion dollars on a Smurf-murdering movie and he’s stewing about a joke that nobody heard on a network nobody watched!” Beck said after adding Cameron to the “Beck-Hating Hall of Fame,” which also includes Bill Maher, South Park, Playboy and Law & Order. “It’s time to walk away from the CGI, Jim. Just for a minute.”

Crushing points, really. Especially when you consider the actual context of the original “anti-Christ” joke and how funny (and completely non-political and non-smearing) it actually was. The joke was made in reference to Cameron’s 2007 documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which raises questions about Jesus’ resurrection. In 2007, when Beck was on CNN Headline News, he introduced his interview with the director by saying Cameron was “officially running for anti-Christ.”

On Wednesday, Beck read a transcript of his comments, which he said were really a dig at “My Heart Will Go On”: “Anyone who got dragged to see Titanic or was subjected to repeated playings of that Celine Dion song … probably suspect(s) what I’ve believed for years. Only pure evil could have directed that film, oh, yes, perhaps even the anti-Christ. Well, The Real Story tonight is that many people believe that James Cameron officially has tossed his hat in the ring today and is officially running for anti-Christ.”

In other words: Cameron is either ridiculously thin skinned, is jut looking for an “evil conservative” to demagogue and demonize, or both.

At the news conference Tuesday for the DVD release of Avatar, where Cameron made the “asshole” remarks, he also called Beck “dangerous”. yawn.

Fox News’ Red Eye utilized their Robot Theater to imagine the director’s preparation for ‘Avatar’ DVD release party…


3 Responses

  1. yawn says:

    they’re all douches

  2. kevin barry says:

    when will these hollywood types realize they are all just dancing monkeys? We couldn’t care less what the dancing monkeys think. Just dance, dammit.

  3. anti-yawn says:

    no, I think Yawn and Cameron are douches. Beck rules!

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