GOP congressional candidate doesn’t know who Breitbart is

Sub headline: Joe the plumber is running for congress in Ohio…

Him and a guy named Steve Kraus are running to win the GOP nomination. Kraus botched an attack on Joe with the following on his website:

The truth is John Stainbrook (Lucas County GOP chairman) encouraged Joe to run. John is no friend to the Tea Party or Tea Party values and yet Joe sells himself as a Tea Partier.

Joe has not told all his contributors that he is paying himself out of his campaign funds. Per his own quote he has only told his major contributors. It also seems that most of the money Joe has raised has come from outside the district. Not so surprising when you consider Joe does not live in the district.

Joe the Plumber is a contributor for

His campaign manager Phil Christofanelli was going to school in Missouri and is a contributor at

Dustin Stockton of the Western Representation PAC (based in Nevada I think) solicits money for Joe the Plumber and again is a contributor for

Kinda funny all these connections to and supposedly they are fighting for limited government.

Maybe I ticked off Andrew Breitbart in a previous life (owner of

Andrew Breitbart is of course a super conservative activist and his website is AGAINST big government… yikes.

The post is ironically titled “Unfounded allegations”…

UPDATE: took notice here: Ohio: Self-Proclaimed ‘Tea Party’ Candidate Doesn’t Know Who Andrew Breitbart Is?

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