Glenn Beck warns not to take Obamas bait

Glenn Beck believes we are in a 2nd revolution and that the worst possible way to fight it would be through violence in any form whatsoever. Beck makes excellent points here noting that America doesn’t like hippies. They are complaining, whiny, tiresome, crazed radicals and thus are easily ignored, ridiculed and used as poster images against the ideology they so passionately push for. Beck warns that Obama is trying to radicalize the right and make the Tea Partiers the new Hippies. He is doing this by being brazenly divisive, sending the national debt skyrocketing in his first year despite the fact that too much spending was one of the only things the left and right unified when criticizing Bush and then made a hyper partisan Health Care reform push that was approved only by the far left, gaining zero Republican votes and earning some votes within his own party against it. Now he wants to move on to divide us more by tackling immigration. Beck warns that to fight against these huge expansions of Government, the right must not become the hippies. Don’t take Obamas bait and become radicalized. It’s what they want because they know it’s the only way they can turn a mainstream tidal wave against them into a fringe trickle that is easily ignored.

Glenn Beck: The left is trying to radicalize the right
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UPDATE: Beck expanded this point on his Fox News show with the author of Thats No Angry Mob Thats My Mom.

UPDATE 2: Renew America has more on this theme.

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