How the FemeNazis were exposed with the Tebow ad

For two weeks, feminist groups have been shrieking over the affront to justice and good taste that was set to take place during the Superbowl. The obvious suspects – the cheerleaders, the commercials objectifying women (Godaddy and others) and general misogyny taking place around the sporting event – were all bypassed to instead shed light on an even dastardly attack on women: a woman saying how glad she was to have her son in her life…. wait. what? Yes, you see, if her son is in her life then that means that she didn’t have a doctor suck him into a sink when she was pregnant and a woman publicly noting how glad she is that she chose life is, “clearly”, a vicious and disgusting attack on women. “The National Organization for Women, NARAL Pro-Choice America and other voices for protecting women’s reproductive freedom have called on CBS to yank it” notes this editorial in the NY Times. From to Reuters:

The Women’s Media Center and over 30 other liberal and women’s advocacy groups sent a letter to CBS… saying: “… we urge you to immediately cancel this ad and refuse any other advertisement promoting Focus on the Family’s agenda.”

The fallacious logic behind this was amusing enough on it’s own, but the FemeNazis (defined as the sub-culture within liberal feminism that is transparently pro-abortion, only thinly masquerading under the banner of “choice”) kept digging their hole. Kim Gandy of the Feminist Majority Foundation “was so upset she apparently forgot to take her daily testosterone pill before sending an email alert” (notes Jill Stanek), causing her to commit the unpardonable sin of getting the Super Bowl game date wrong.

Then the new talking point was to attack CBS as being anti-homosexual for declining to air a cheap looking commercial for, what appears in the commercial to be a gay hook-up website. The commercial features two seemingly hetero sports fans who touch hands when they both go to grab more snacks and this causes them to attack each other with passionate kisses. Despite noting in the same article that this commercial was incredible cheesy and lame looking, Rachel Sklar said CBS’s decision not to air it was due toward hatred of teh ghays, saying “this is flat-out, straight-up homophobia.” Shame on you CBS! Failing to promote the idea that homosexuality is contagious by hand contact is HOMOPHOBIC!

I guess when you think a baby is punishment, then it is morally offensive to see life celebrated.

So now the Superbowl is over and the ad was aired. Take a look and see what all the fuss was over:


Now watch the following clips of outrageous outrage by these Femenazis and remember that neither of them nor anyone else had seen the video at this point, yet their closed minded hatred for “choice” drove them to passionately pontificate on a subject they admit to being ignorant on.

Gloria Allred had written a threatening letter to CBS, stating her intention to submit a complaint to the FCC if the ad ran as planned. In this clip, Megan Kelly doesn’t let Allred get away with too much of the insanity, making the dramatic irony even more fun now that we know exactly how benign the ad actually is:

Then there is this appearance from the O’Reilly Factor where the Femenazi so confidently notes that this is all “clearly” just “a thinly veiled attempt to undermine a woman’s right how to make decisions”. Clearly…

“Clearly” these two women owe big apologies – not so much to CBS or the Tebow family, but to their followers. Every feminist organization that bashed this commercial as an attack against women has been discredited and exposed and they owe serious apologies to the women who trust them to inform them of REAL concerns involving abortion rights, not fabricated outraged over nothing.

Planned Parenthood is the only left wing organization who commented on this non-controversy that comes out looking good, as they sent representatives to go on Fox News and elsewhere and even released an internet response to the Tebow buzz saying they are glad it exists and that is what choice is all about. They would have been right of course even if the Tebow ad DID somehow turn out to be some kind of rally call to overturn Roe v Wade, removing the “Constitutional Right” to have an abortion, but now that the world knows the ad doesnt even baby-step down that path, they look even better and the Femenazi’s who aren’t pro-choice at all but are just plain pro-abortion, look all the worse.

Way to go, suckers.

But do the chumps that took the bait feel stupid after seeing how “opposite of what they claimed it would be” the commercial was? If so, they aren’t being honest about it as of yet. Take this blogger from Pandagon, a popular liberal site, endorsing this little gem on Twitter:

Tebow: Hey Mom! Tried to kill you from the womb and failed. How about a blind side tackle? Violence against Moms FTW! (via @MarcFaletti)

So baby Tebow was an attempted murderer and now parental abuser (by playfully tackling his mom). Classy.
And of course, as a perfect ending note: this same liberal wants you to donate your Superbowl bet winnings to help more abortions happen compelling you to facilitate killing if you made a “killing” in profit. The screenshot proves I didn’t make it up:

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