Dialogue with a Drone

[Foreward: No actual names or places are mentioned to protect the identity of the person deemed a drone (in my opinion). This is not an attempt to disparage any person; it is simply my own account of observations based on what took place and drawing conclusions within my own generation’s cultural beliefs which are perceived by many to be ‘progressive’, in the sense of the correct meaning of the word.]

Recently, I had a semi-conversation with someone I graduated with—4 years ago this June. It’s most likely a standard dialogue to hold with someone you’ve not spoken to, at least since high school and personally, even then I hardly talked to this person. For someone that holds similar principled beliefs that I do (these aren’t hard to deduce reading my info and writing or the links I post) this kind of conversation I’m going to describe with someone my age is typically frustrating.

To all my fellow conservatives and libertarians, my evening tonight will not cease to amaze you any more than it has any time you’ve found yourself in the same situation. Whether it’s in class, at home, over a friend’s house, the gym, at a party or in the bar—drones always outnumber us. As I’ve previously discussed the reason for this in my note, “Uncommon Knowledge: To All Open-minded People”, I won’t get into it again here. Suffice it to say, this is the perfect prototypical conversation:

The topic of the discussion started out regarding the lottery, leading to the well-known fact that much of the winnings (in NJ) are taxed, at least 25% in federal income tax and as of 2009, 3% in state taxes is withheld. Someone reminded everyone who believed lottery money came out of thin air, that the government uses tax dollars to set up a lottery in which they tax the same money for a second time. Then I pointed out the next obvious statement and said, “That’s because government doesn’t produce wealth it can only redistribute it.”

Then the drone chimed in. I’m sure you can predict the word vomit which escaped from Drone 2,328,487’s mouth. (And by drone I mean a person who doesn’t think for themselves, or bother to educate themselves on anything beyond generalities; that hold historically proven failed economic and governmental systems as a belief that it benefits society, rather than what it actually does which is produces an equal share of misery, not wealth.) As I paint a more accurate picture of this person’s background, you’ll begin to imagine Drone 2,328,487 perfectly, as someone you undoubtedly know.

“That’s the ideal situation!” exclaimed the happily unemployed drone. You see he was happy because as he explained to me minutes earlier, he had more time to drink beer, smoke pot and eat junk because he had more money, due to the fact that his unemployment checks were higher than what he got when he worked. What a life! This is the life he’s been living, iPhone and all, for 7 months now. (I now regret not asking any further questions into what he used to do and whether or not he planned on looking for another job, at this point I was already certain I had an entitlement-mentality-lazy-child-man sitting next to me.) Drones believe that the doctrine equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity, leads to everyone (even them, though they’re a drain on society) becoming equally wealthy. This belief has been proven economically unsustainable and false throughout history; the truth of it is that it leads to everyone (except the political elites and their friends) becoming equally poor.

Not surprisingly, his response to the notion of the “redistribution of wealth” led me to point out that that idea has never worked and never will; I also said another obvious fact that rich people create jobs not poor people. To ever be jealous of a person who appears better off than you is childish, especially in a country where all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, where the principle of America is equal opportunity.

For example, Apple is a huge business and is extremely wealthy (due to the computer and the internet being new technologies which remain largely free and unregulated by government and therefore have been the most prosperous and innovative), they also employ millions of people and provide consumers with products drones value despite their resentment for the rich and big business. As Frederic Bastiat wrote, “By virtue of exchange one man’s prosperity is beneficial to all others.” This is a principle people must recognize, if you are willing to pay for the product being produced by mutual consent, than the value of said product can never exceed the demand for it. Unless, by force of law protectionist regulations are put in place by the government to arbitrarily set prices, then the virtue of exchange no longer remains virtuous or beneficial to all others.

It’s what every sane economist will tell you and what Margaret Thatcher put so practically, the problem with socialism is that eventually the socialist (and communist and fascist) government always runs out of other people’s money (pretty much any society in which the government controls the means of production, distribution and exchange). And as recently demonstrated in our current society, what has evolved over the last century is called crony capitalism or corporatism, is an unsustainable fiscal path for America to take and to continue on if we all wish to retain our current standard of living for our children and grandchildren. ‘Reality Check on the Record of Big. Bad Capitalism’ shows the fallacy of laissez faire capitalism being to blame.

Nonetheless, this empirically proven truth has no consequence to Drone 2,328,487, in fact, the drone had the ignorance and audacity to reply, “You think the government is evil?” (Drones, especially ones comfortable with living on the means provided to them by taxpayers, must always defend the all-caring government they hold so infallible.) At this, I rolled my eyes and after a mere three second pause in which I spoke at most two words, their attention was diverted to what someone across the room was talking about, displaying no interest whatsoever to listen or inquire further into what held me to assert this point of view opposing their own.

A drone’s indifference to conflicting opinions is quite symptomatic; they avoid learning or thinking on their own (as well as hearing out and logically considering statistical, empirical facts based on rationality not emotion), they get their information from the “mainstream” media, drive-by journalists or indoctrination schools and universities. It’s like they purposely believe whatever pill is the easiest to swallow because seeking the truth puts too much responsibility on their shoulders, let’s face it their “life is already like, so busy and it’s not like it affects” them anyway!

When the leftist politicians and media go out of their way to slander conservatives, whether they be well known publicly or are the millions of regular American’s of the tea party movement (who happen to consist of more than just conservatives and republicans), it makes no difference to ideological purists; they are openly displaying their willful pursuit of power and control, or if you’re a drone demonstrating the willful pursuit of remaining manipulated, misinformed and lobotomized by the statists. You see the left always advocates diversity, despite the fact that America is already the most diverse country on the planet, yet they disdain and defame anyone who thinks differently then them, they as usual appear well meaning but inevitably demand conformity and in turn are the ones who are really intolerant.

In closing I want to affirm that by no means am I advocating anarchy simply because I rightly hold the truth that yes, government is a necessary evil, as Thomas Paine wrote. And yes, I agree with George Washington (and many other brilliant people who said the same thing in different words) that, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant & a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” I have already written at length about morality and the role of government and the consequence of relying on government for anything beyond the enumerated Constitutional limits, creating a social-dependency within the culture—breeding rapidly within my own generation unfortunately.

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