Democrats Hypocrisy on Big Business illustrated by Facebook Friendliness

Charles Gasparino on the “Warm fuzzy vultures” (ie: the “evil corporations” that don’t get labeled as such because they are Democrat friendly):

A company with a questionable business model employs an army of lobbyists, flacks and Wall Street bankers to hype shares of an initial public offering. The company’s billionaire CEO and other fat-cat insiders make out like bandits, while average investors lose big as shares decline nearly the minute they’re free to trade.

A perfect target for President Obama, right? Well, yes — if the IPO had anything to do with Mitt Romney, or involved one of the left’s favorite class-warfare targets, such as an evil bank, defense contractor or oil company.

But of course we’re talking about warm and fuzzy Facebook, run by liberal 20-something CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Read the full article for the elaboration on this devastating point that comes a paragraph later:

Zuckerberg hasn’t officially declared his support for a presidential candidate, but it’s easy to figure out where he stands. Donations from Facebook employees to Democrats far outnumber those given to Republicans; Zuckerberg last year opened up the company’s Palo Alto, Calif., headquarters to Obama for one of those phony “Town Hall” meetings that are really just campaign rallies.

At the event, Zuckerberg even endorsed Obama’s tax plan: “I’m cool with that” was how he described his support for the tax hikes — which, when you strip away all the phony rhetoric, basically says that small businesses and families that make just $250,000 a year should pay the same income-tax rates as Silicon Valley billionaires like Zuckerberg.

Pretty cool, indeed.


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