“Coffee Party” created to oppose/not-oppose [wink] Tea Party

News media sources sympathetic to liberal causes (redundancy made on purpose) have been profiling a new liberal movement masquerading as a non-partisan, non-ideological movement against the Tea Party protests called the “Coffee Party”. The link to the NY Times puff piece makes no mention of ideology within the group of course, because the whole point of the group is to hide that aspect from you. The Washington Post however, to its credit did in fact mention that the founder and leader leader Annabel Park used to work for Democrat Senator Jim Webb and one of the group’s goals is to “push leaders to enact the progressive change for which 52.9 percent of the country voted in 2008“. You wouldn’t quite get that impression from any of the way they describe themselves though:

The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.

In other words, this is a group of liberals who support Obamas agenda and thus think opposition to that agenda through the democratic process is undemocratic. Why? because you disagree with them. duh.

Liberals fret: 41 senators from the 21 smallest states, with barely 10 percent of the population, could block a bill. But Matthew Franck of Radford University counters that if cloture were blocked by 41 senators from the 21 largest states, the 41 would represent 77.4 percent of the nation’s population. Anyway, senators are never so tidily sorted, so consider today’s health impasse: The 59 Democratic senators come from 36 states containing 74.9 percent of the population, while the 41 Republicans come from 27 states — a majority — containing 48.7 percent. (Thirteen states have senators from each party.)

Since there have been 50 states, Republicans have never had 60 senators. There were 60 or more Democratic senators after seven elections — 1960 (64), 1962 (66), 1964 (68), 1966 (64), 1974 (61), 1976 (62) and 2008 (60, following Arlen Specter’s discovery that he is a Democrat, and the protracted Minnesota recount). But both parties have been situational ethicists regarding filibusters.

But enough of this “Constitution” bullcrap, AGREE WITH OBAMA and let him take over more stuff, dammit. The main selling point of this group is “unity” without the mention that the point is to “unite” under the pre-mentioned Progressive policies.

This summer, Ms. Park said, the party will hold a convention in the Midwest, with a slogan along the lines of “Meet Me in the Middle.” The party has inspired the requisite jokes: why not a latte party, a chai party, a Red Bull party? But Ms. Park said that while the Coffee Party — and certainly the name — was formed in reaction to the Tea Party, the two agree on some things, like a desire for fiscal responsibility and a frustration with Congress.

We’re not the opposite of the Tea Party,” Ms. Park, 41, said. “We’re a different model of civic participation, but in the end we may want some of the same things.”…

Ms. Park and chapter organizers said they would invite Tea Party members to join their Coffee counterparts in discussions. “We need to roll up our sleeves, put our heads together and work it out,” she said. “That’s, to me, an American way of doing this.”

The parts in bold are explicitly contradicted by Park herself in this introduction video of her awkwardly holding a cup of coffee in the snow as she explains why the Coffee Party exists and how it began:

So… the whole reason the Coffee Party exists is because its founder “completely disagrees” that the Tea Party represents America – BUT she’s not against the Tea Party – in fact she agrees with its core principal… huh? Could it be that perhaps this incoherent mission statement is a result of Ms Park attempting to hide her left wing agenda by appealing to viewers as a dubious non-ideological activist? Signs point to yes, considering that introduction video bears the Youtube yellow info-banner underneath it announcing that “This is a video response to U.S. Army Veteran: Tea Party Doesn’t Represent Me”.

I would love to take credit for exposing through inspection, this groups real agenda vs the way it is being dishonestly marketed, but I’m afraid there is quite a bit more exposing that truth that makes my noticing the contradiction much less sluethy.

Actually, the NY Times failed to mention in their piece on Park that she is a former Strategy Analyst at – wait for it… the NY Times who was one of organizers and operators of the United for Obama video channel at YouTube.

Where as Park claims she is not opposed to the Tea Party movement, her Twitter history reveals that to be a bold lie for someone allegedly in favor of open and respectful debate.

One of many tweets from hypocrite fraudster Annabel Park, leader of the anti-Tea Party movement that advertises itself as speficically non-anti-Tea Party movement. They’re just a bunch of nice folks looking for respectful open debate!

So if YOU TOO want to speak up against the Tea Party that you are not against because it doesn’t represent you even though you agree with it’s main objective then JOIN THE COFFEE PARTY TODAY! and let the world know that you “completely disagree” with a movement that you “may want some of the same things” as…

OR you could just join the Cocoa Party 🙂

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