Clueless Liberals fall for Bachmann “Halloween Ban” hoax, voice their hate on Facebook

The tolerance and open mindedness of the Left is on display again as hundred blindly believe, spread and take time to opine on yet another claim they read on the Internetz. Michelle Bachmann is the target again, reprising her role in the dunk tank from last weeks hoax that gullible Liberals fell for, claiming Impeachment hearings were beginning in the House of Representatives.

The fake quote comes from a website called “The Free Wood Post” that clearly labels itself satire with a disclaimer and even under the header it says, “News that’s almost reliable” but the desire for Liberals to view someone who disagree’s with them as BAD instead of merely just wrong is too powerful. The Liberal satirical group “The Liberal War On Christmas” posted the image

So far 1,031 dupes have shared the image, spreading the ignorance to more people than have signed up for Obamacare, with more passing it along every few minutes.

“Great how bullshit rumors still find themselves being respewed”, says Adriana Von Frisque…

Enjoy the ironic insanity from just a taste of the dozens of comments where the congresswoman is repeatedly called “dumb”, “stupid” and a “bitch” by dumb-stupid-bitches too lazy to use Google 🙂

Both Sarah Strapkovic and Bryan Burrows pinpoint the satirical tip-offs, yet STILL don’t get it and cite the jokes as objects of ridicule. Adorable!

Gotta love Robin Stone saying “If somebody paid me to come up with the crap this woman comes up with; I couldn’t.” When making up stories about politicians as a joke on the internet is above your pay-grade, you might want to rethink your career life.

Richard Dodds thinks the congresswoman “sucks Satans candy sacks”. Daily. Uh…okay?


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